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Human Factors: Mistake Proofing for Enhanced Patient Safety

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In today’s fast-paced and complex healthcare environment, ensuring patient safety is of paramount importance. Medical errors can lead to adverse patient outcomes, increased healthcare costs, and a loss of trust in the healthcare system. Mistake proofing, also known as error-proofing or poka-yoke, is a systematic approach to prevent errors and enhance patient safety. This masterclass aims to equip healthcare professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to implement effective mistake proofing strategies in their practice.

Mistake proofing focuses on the identification and elimination of potential errors in healthcare processes, making it difficult or impossible for errors to occur. It involves a combination of process improvement techniques, interdisciplinary collaboration, and the integration of technology to minimize the risk of errors and ensure the delivery of safe, high-quality care to patients.

This comprehensive masterclass will cover various topics, including an overview of mistake proofing in healthcare, specific techniques and tools for error prevention and detection, the role of interdisciplinary collaboration, and the importance of continuous learning and improvement. Additionally, the course will address the ethical and legal aspects of mistake proofing, emphasizing transparency and accountability.

By the end of this masterclass, participants will have a deeper understanding of the principles of mistake proofing and will be better equipped to implement these strategies in their healthcare settings. The ultimate goal is to create a culture of patient safety, reduce the incidence of medical errors, and improve overall patient outcomes.

Who Should Attend?

 Clinical staff, Managers, Admin staff, Policy makers and Board members

Key Learning Objectives 

  • Understand the concept of mistake proofing and its significance in enhancing patient safety in healthcare settings
  • Identify common types of medical errors and their potential consequences on patient outcomes and healthcare costs.
  • Develop skills to analyze healthcare processes and identify potential areas where errors may occur, using techniques such as root cause analysis and failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA).
  • Gain knowledge of specific mistake proofing techniques and tools, such as poka-yoke principles, standardization, checklists, and cognitive aids, and learn how to implement them in various clinical scenarios.
  • Recognize the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in implementing mistake proofing strategies and learn effective communication, handoff, and teamwork techniques to promote a culture of patient safety.
  • Explore the role of technology in mistake proofing, including electronic health records (EHRs), clinical decision support systems (CDSS), and patient identification technologies, and understand how to integrate these tools into clinical practice.
  • Develop an understanding of the importance of continuous learning and improvement in mistake proofing, and learn how to use simulation-based training, feedback, and reflection to enhance patient safety.
  • Foster a patient safety culture in healthcare settings by promoting organizational change, encouraging open communication, and learning from errors.
  • Understand the legal and ethical considerations in mistake proofing, including the importance of transparency, disclosure of medical errors, and balancing patient privacy concerns with safety initiatives.
  • Gain the ability to design, implement, and evaluate mistake proofing strategies in your healthcare setting, leading to reduced medical errors, improved patient outcomes, and enhanced overall patient safety.

In-house Training

This course can be held at your organisation for up 25 delegates, we can tailor the content to suit your organisation and CPD needs of your staff. Led by experienced and highly rated trainers, in-house training works out cost-effective for groups and saves travel time.

Contact katym@hc-uk.org.uk with your requirements for further information and a quote.

In-house Training

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